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2009 NFL Pre-season: Colts 23-Eagles 15

Pre-season is pre-season. It's long, slow, and likely full of a lot of bad football. But, after two open thread and well over 1,000 comments, I think it is fair to say that we are starving just a little bit for some footballin'!

We'll have a more thorough breakdown of this "slug fest" in the Luke, but in a nutshell, the Colts looked damn good Thursday night. The offense looked crisp, especially the running game. The defense was active and stout against the run. Dwight Freeney laid a wicked spin move on a back-up Philly tackle en route to a tackle and forced fumble on Donovan McNabb. Reggie Wayne caught a long TD pass, and in the process put his own "you've been pwned" move on outstanding Eagles safety Quintin Mikell.

Biggest concern from the game? Charlie Johnson. He looked awful at LT. The longer Jim Caldwell keeps Johnson at LT, and more inept and ridiculous Caldwell will look in the eyes of fans. Tony Ugoh played better than Johnson again tonight. If this trend continues and Ugoh is not named the starter by Kickoff Weekend, then I will have some serious doubts about Jim Caldwell's competence. 

But, overall tonight, the team looked good. Thanks for commenting so much tonight, folks. Go Colts!