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Colts cut Adam Seward, Chris Crane, re-sign Mendenhall (the other one)

And here you thought your Saturday was going to be uneventful. It seems that the lone "big name" free agent the Colts snagged this off-season simply didn't work out. The Colts have cut veteran MLBer Adam Seward, according to John Oehser at IFR. Cutting Seward opened up a roster spot for the Colts to re-sign RB Walter Mendenhall, who they cut last week after Corey Hilliard was jettisoned. Walter is the older brother to Rashard Mendenhall of the Steelers.

With Seward gone, it looks like Freddie Keiaho has locked up the back-up MLBer spot.

But wait! We're not done!

Captain Pre-Season is now back! Jim Sorgi has returned to practice after sitting out several weeks with a hamstring injury. This meant bye-bye to Chris Crane, who was cut. With Crane's release, the open roster spot went to safety Marcus Paschal. Paschal has played for both the Eagles and Falcons.

So, why all this flurry of activity?

Well, it seems Mike Hart's ankle injury will, essentially, end his pre-season. He's out for two weeks. As Cassieper so accurately puts it:

The stage is now set for Lance Ball to take the 3rd running back spot. It will be interesting to see if he can get it.

Indeed, if Ball wants a spot on the starting roster, now is the time. Mike Hart is developing as rep as an injury-prone back. I like Hart and think he is a good back, but if you cannot stay healthy in this league, you're garbage. Harsh, but that's the man's league.

So, to quickly recap:

Gone: Adam Seward (MLB), Chris Crane (QB)

Re-signed: Walter Mendenhall (RB)

Signed: Marcus Paschal (S)

Out with injury: Mike Hart