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Colts rookie Austin Collie getting some love from "The King"

The man (Peter King) who dares talk about airport bathroom stalls in a humorous context recently decided to chime in on the ten rookies he thinks will have an impact in 2009. Wisely, Captain Coffee Nerd decided to pick a Colts rookie, and the one he chose was wide receiver Austin Collie:

9. Austin Collie, WR, Indianapolis (127th pick). Could play 20 snaps as Manning's slot receiver opening day.

I think it is pretty much a done deal now that Austin Collie is the slot receiver for the Colts. Will he be the sole slot receiver? No. The Colts plan to move Reggie Wayne around this year, playing him on the left, right, and in the slot. However, I think we will see more of Collie in the slot than Wayne, Anthony Gonzalez, or Dallas Clark. Collie has out-played and out-practiced Pierre Garcon, who is competing with Collie for playing time as the Colts "third receiver." This is not to suggest Garcon has not practiced or played well, but that Collie has been more consistent.

And last week against the Philadelphia Eagles, we saw Collie in the slot on several plays.

Since Garcon isn't much of a slot receiver, the only time we will see Garcon line-up if when Indy puts Wayne down in the slot. So, Collie is the slot WR while Garcon is Reggie Wayne's back-up. Currently, Collie leads the team in receptions this pre-season with six.