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Peyton Manning and Bill Polian talk shop

With the third and (arguably) most important pre-season game coming up, this is about the usual time when Peyton Manning and Bill Polian start doing some interviews. And certainly, from both an entertainment and an information perspective, both men are great interviews.

On, they have posted an NFL Network interview with Big P where he discusses the changes on offense and, specifically, the change at left tackle from Tony Ugoh to Charlie Johnson. Peyton from the interview:

Howard [Mudd] goes to bed every night thinking about how to protect the quarterback, how to get the running game going, etc. I've always known that. He's going to put five guys out there that are going to battle. They're going to fight hard. Tony [Ugoh] will certainly play for us at some point this year. I guarantee you. He'll do a good job. Charlie Johnson is a warrior. He's a fighter. He'll give you all he's got.

Peyton was also interviewed on the Dan Patrick show the other day, and he talked about the teams he watches on Sundays before and after Colts games.

Peyton said it was painful for him to watch is brother Eli play.

"It's much more pleasant in mute," Peyton said. "Especially when you're watching Eli and you don't want to hear someone slamming your little brother."

Manning said he can't really watch Eli live. He'd rather watch a "rerun of Stripes" and catch the Giants highlights.

-- Manning said he watches New England, Dallas and any team in his division. He watches offense and likes to watch great quarterback play. He said he pulls for the other big-time quarterbacks.

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The part of the interview where Peyton talks about watching games in mute is pretty damn funny, mainly because we can all relate to him. When you get some kind of douchebag announcer like Gus Johnson or one of Marv Albert's kids, it just kills the game-watching experience.

Finally, Bill Polian talked all things Colts-related with Dan Dakich on 1070 Indy Sports Center today. Polian oddly seemed to indicate that they do not know yet who will win the starting LT job (even though Charlie Johnson has been named the starter). He did state that Johnson had "an edge" over Tony Ugoh.

Bill also talked about ex-Colts coach Tony Dungy and had some cool things to say about new Colts defensive coordinator Larry Coyer.