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2009 NFL Pre-Season: Lions 18-Colts 17

Unlike third pre-season games of the past, this one is much harder to analyze. Even though players like Ed Johnson and Robert Mathis were dressed and could have played, they didn't. Dwight Freeney, Antonio Johnson, and Antoine Bethea played only a few snaps here and there. So, if the game was to judge how starters looked in a "tune-up," then this game didn't provide that.

I mean, do I need to say it? The Colts do not care about pre-season.

What the game did show was a BAD Colts team in the first half. The Lions were consistently placed in 3rd and long situations only to convert the down because of piss poor tackling. Also, the running game and pass protection in the first half was atrocious. The Colts came out in the second half and played much better. Peyton Manning lead them down the field for two TDs today; one was a strike to Dallas Clark, the other a goal-line run by Donald Brown.

The defense in the second half also stiffened with two impressive short yardage stops; one was on the goal line. I'm also very impressed with Curtis Painter. He's looked better this pre-season than Jim Sorgi has ever looked in any pre-season.

Finally, I know this is a shocker, but WR John Matthews is gonna get cut. He dropped two big passes with one deflecting off him and into the hands of a Detroit defender. The Lions took that late turnover and converted it into the (eventual) game-winning TD.

Other quick observations: Not major injuries to either team, so far; Jerraud Powers is better than Tim Jennings; Dante Hughes is in danger of getting cut; Pierre Garcon showed his speed today; Pat McAfee is a damn good punter.

Chit-chat away regarding the game here. We had over 700 comments for this pre-season game. Again, a pre-season game, and over 700 comments! I friggin love you people! Go Colts!

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