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2009 Colts Training Camp: News from 8/3/09 afternoon practice did a fantastic job today covering the two practices. This is the kind of stuff I love seeing from fans, using Twitter and live chats to convey information to other fans about how the team looks, who is doing what, etc. Eric Hartz, editor at ColtPower, did a live chat after the practice to answer questions from fans. I highly recommend you check out what Eric is writing.

Here are a few notes I took from his Twitter updates and his live chat:

  • The defense looked much better than the offense
  • On one play, Daniel Muir drive Jeff Saturday straight into the backfield to blow up a run play. Muir, throughout the afternoon practice, looked very good.
  • Adrian Grady received a lot of praise from coaches.
  • Reggie Wayne was killing Tim Jennings in drills
  • Dante Hughes was very impressive in one-on-one drills with receivers. These drills often favor the receiver, but Hughes stood out. Here's a quote from Hartz:
    Hughes was just making plays, particularly in the one-on-one where the WRs have a big advantage. He was knocking everything down. [Jacob Lacey] made a great INT against Taj Smith along the sideline. Smith jumped and looked like he had it, but Lacey knocked it out, tipped it on his way down back to himself and caught it and kept both feet in. One of those plays that's really cool to watch up close because of the speed and skill involved.
  • The afternoon practice was in pads. Joseph Addai, Gary Brackett, Dwight Freeney, Mike Pollak, and Ryan Lilja did not participate. Mike Hart did.
  • The punt renturers, right now, are T.J. Rushing, Austin Collie, and Pierre Garcon.
  • Rushing sat out afternoon practice.

ColtPower has more updates. Check them out if you want to get caught up on the afternoon practice.