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2009 Colts Training Camp: News from 8/4/09 morning practice

Once again, the ever diligent Eric Hartz is Tweeting from camp, and ColtPower is rolling up his Tweets in real time. This is the awesome, cool, OMG! power of modern media tools like blogs, Twitter, live chats, etc. Information comes immediately! I don't have to wait for someone to write a newspaper article about it hours, or even days, later.

Not long ago, the Colts wrapped up their morning practice. Once again, the defense is getting the better of the Colts offense:

  • The Colts are blitzing more, in particular Clint Session. They are also moving Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis around a bit.
  • Fili Moala looks slow off the ball.
  • Melvin Bullitt picked off a pass from Peyton Manning. Manning overthrew Dallas Clark.
  • T.J. Rushing is back at practice, and is in pads.
  • Jerraud Powers and Michael Coe were given the return job in today's special teams practice
  • Ryan Lilja and Mike Pollak, who sat out afternoon practice yesterday, are practicing line drills today.

Again, his is just a few notes taken from Eric's many, MANY Tweets from camp. I'll update this post as we get more info from blogs, reporters, and commenters like you. If you are at camp, Tweet us at @StampedeBlue, or shoot me an email.

Updates after the jump...

PhilB at the Indy Star has more information on this morning's practice, which concluded just prior to a severe thunderstorm rolling in and soaking most of the Terre Haute area.

Speaking of that position, WR Pierre Garcon has impressed in the first couple days. Caldwell praised him first, which doesn't mean we should rush to judgment, but it was with merit. He's got great hands, seems to be under control, and his do-anything laid-back attitude makes him one of the more likable guys here.

TE Jacob Tamme made a nice sliding catch on a ball thrown behind him and through traffic. Rookie WR Austin Collie also had a decent grab. The catches all seemed to happen in a short time span, too.

Check out PhilB's site on for more updates.

Also, if you have been listening to Sirius Satellite Radio's live coverage of Colts Training Camp today, you got some interesting information from Peyton Manning, who was interviewed:

  • Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie seem to have caught Peyton's attention so far as they battle for the 3rd WR spot
  • Peyton thinks the battle will last well into the 4th pre-season game.
  • Peyton spent a lot of the off-season working on making his legs stronger.

Other news and notes from Jim Miller, who is covering Colts camp with (ugh!) Solomon Wilcotts:

  • Taj Smith looks really good and has impressed coaches with his WR play.
  • Clint Session leveled Roy Hall in the morning practice today. It pissed off Jim Caldwell a bit.
  • Joseph Addai did not practice this morning.

[UPDATE]: More info from Sirius:

  • Colts Tampa-2 defense looks very different under Larry Coyer than it was under Tony Dungy and Ron Meeks.
  • The Colts are deploying linebackers to pressure the QB, especially the SAM linebacker.
  • Colts want Philip Wheeler to win SAM job.
  • Dwight Freeney like Larry Coyer. He referred to his former defensive coordinator as "Meeks." Thought that was interesting.
  • Sirius commentators really like Daniel Muir at DT.
  • Freeney loves Ed Johnson, and seems to like Fili Moala.
  • Dwight Freeney has known Jim Caldwell since high school. Caldwell tried to recruit Freeney to play at Wake Forest when Caldwell was the head coach there. Freeney said that, back then, Caldwell said Dwight would play both offense and defense. Now, today, Caldwell is his HC, meaning Dwight is lobbying to get in on offensive plays.

Bill Polian and Jim Cadlwell are expected on later.

[UPDATE] Bill Polian interview:

  • Taj Smith has made some of the biggest improvement of anyone on the roster.
  • Austin Collie is a lot like Brandon Stokley.
  • Five receivers are fighting for two receiver spots.
  • Donald Brown a better receiver than they anticipated.
  • Brown more like Thurman Thomas, a cut and go back, than a "shake-and-bake" guy.

[UPDATE]: Jim Caldwell interview:

  • Larry Coyer brings great intensity to the team.
  • Ray Rychleski lives and breathes football. He's also LOUD on the practice field.
  • Caldwell likes the WRs competing for the 3rd spot. Singled out Hall, Giguere, Smith, Garcon, and Collie.