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Training Camp Yappin': "A little more of an active thud."

Here are some quotes from various Colts players and coaches after this morning's walkthrough:

Jim Caldwell on tonight's practice [emphasis mine]:

We’ll be in full pads this evening and they are going to get an opportunity to see us mix it up a little bit more than we have. It’s not like were taking anybody to the ground, we never do that, but nevertheless, you’ll see a little bit more of an active thud. But we’re still trying to work on our basics, our fundamentals, improve our running game and our ability to stop the run, and also our special teams. So they are going to get a mix of everything this evening.

Jim Caldwell on the DTs:

We’ve been pleased with them. We have a good nucleus of guys and a pretty good rotation. Terrence Taylor is coming along. Fili (Moala) is coming along and doing well. Adrian Grady is doing well. We have a good rotation. Ed Johnson is not a rookie, he’s been around, and he’s doing a nice job on the interior. We’ve got a pretty good rotation, a little experience and we’re doing well.

Fili Moala on what he did to get into shape:

I’ve been trying to take off weight. After the (college) season and the NFL Combine was over I got up to about 310 pounds. So I wanted to come in at a healthy, solid 300. Which I did, actually. I came in a little light, about 296. Over the summer I was training, running everyday and making sure I got my wind and if I had to I could run.

Melvin Bullitt on the new defensive tweaks Larry Coyer is employing:

It’s a new feel. Guys are flying around right now. There are a few things here and there we’re putting in, getting more guys on the field, and I think the new look is going to be different for a lot of teams, as far as preparing for us, and that will be a good thing.

Jamie Silva on the defense:

It’s a different system, different terminology. It’s just a lot of learning and repetition. Today is Day 3 out on the field and it’s coming a long, some of the things we are working on are coming along and I’ll get it down.

Let us know if you are heading to to tonight's practice. If you are, Tweet us, or make a FanPost. Practice starts at 7:30pm Eastern.