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Luke Links: The "Twitter is changing training camp" Edition

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With so much info coming in from training camp, we haven't had time to really do a Luke Links this week. However, today the "Internets" have been flooded with all matter of Colts articles. I guess all the established media decided to pick yesterday and today as the days they'd post their little training camp articles on the Colts. To their credit, many of these articles are very good.

Also, I just want to thank all of you lovely people who are posting article links as FanShots. FanPosts have been great as well, but FanShots are those nice, simple, neat little links to articles that I use in my weekly Luke Links. Sometimes, I mention who submitted the FanShot. Sometimes, it slips my mind. If I don't mention you, please know that I did indeed see the FanShot, as did thousands of others. Readers posting FanShots are making this site that much more enjoyable. Many thanks.

Here are the links:

  • One of the best write-ups for a practice is located at 18to88 by longtime reader Westside Rob. This article comes HIGHLY recommended. Here's some of his final thoughts:
    I told my wife when we left that if the Colt’s O-line can get it’s sh#! Together and stay healthy that this team should be a favorite for the Super Bowl. We have great depth everywhere else, and some really good players are going to get cut this year. Hopefully Caldwell will be a good game day coach, he runs what appears to be an efficient and effective practice. The roles of Moore and Mudd do not seemed to have changed at all. Coyer and Rychleski really bring some energy and excitement which hopefully will translate to more effective and consistent production.

    In my assessment, reports of this team’s quality have not been exaggerated. This is certainly the deepest most talented Colts roster we’ve seen. O-Line and maybe kickers are the only question marks.

  • We're having a nice discussion in this FanPost about new media and the effect tools like Twitter are having on NFL training camps.
  • Speaking of Twitter, Bill Parcells banned fans from Twittering at training camp. Fans, folks. He banned his paying customers from using their own personal property (their phones) in the way they want to use them. Why not fly a Communist flag over Dolphins Stadium while you're at it, Bill? Bill Parcells = Total douchebag. (Link via The Big Lead).
  • Pete Prisco at does a great write-up on the Colts at training camp:
    Listen up: The Colts will be better than they were last season when they lost in an AFC wild-card game to San Diego, and should push the 12-win plateau again.
  • Back to Twitter, a hacker crashed the Twitter site this morning. I wonder if he was paid by Parcells (yes, I'm joking... about Parcells paying the hacker; Parcells is still a douchebag).
  • John Clayton as ESPN offers insights into the Colts.
  • John Oehser gives us seven "magnificent" comments about the Colts at camp.
  • And finally, yes folks... Vince Young continues to say stupid crap.

I do plan to haave a podcast tonight. Look for a post later today with details. Go Colts!