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2009 Colts Training Camp: Notes (and Tweets) from 8/7/09 Morning Practice

Once again, Eric Hartz and the rest of the free world thumb their collective noses (and middle fingers) at Bill Parcells (and the North Korean-like regime that runs the Miami Dolphins) by Tweeting live from training camp in Terre Haute. Here is a summary of Eric's chirping from Rose Hulman:

  • It's another walk-through-like practice, focusing on specific situations. Today, they are working on goal-line offense and defense.
  • Goal-line defensive line seems to be Raheem Brock, Daniel Muir, Ed Johnson, and Keyunta Dawson.
  • On offense, they used both Daniel Muir (312 pounds) and Eric Foster (275 pounds) as fullbacks in different packages. For a big guy, Muir moves very well. In one drill, Foster caught a Dan Klecko style TD pass.
  • Colts are using I-formation on goal-line. Tom Moore seems to want to do more power-running.

Eric also had his nightly chat with fans last night at around 8pm (the time when we had our podcast... sorry for the competition Eric... hehe). We have a summary of some of Eric's thoughts about the jump. We also expect some regular Stampede Blue contributors to chime in today on their thoughts from camp. More after the jump...

By the way, can you tell that Parcells' @ssholish treatment of fans has really gotten under my skin? Seriously, what a douchebag. If I were a Dolphins fan, I'd organize a group of two hundred fans to show up and, at the same time, all of us whip out our mobile devices and start Twittering live from camp. Then, as Dolhpins "security" starts getting all Iranian Army on us, we take pictures. Then, later in the day, we post the pics on our blogs and send them out to Yahoo, CBS, etc. with the tagline "Dolphins public relations at their finest."

Parcells is a great football mind, but a serious Grade-A prick. Anyway, here's a summary of Eric's chat:

  • Biggest surprises in camp as the first week closes-- Taj Smith, Daniel Muir, Mike Hart
  • The biggest question mark heading into camp was the offensive line, but the group seems healthy and both Mike Pollak and Tony Ugoh have looked impressive.
  • Philip Wheeler seems firmly entrecnhed as the SAM backer, and looks much better in coverage.
  • Biggest concern is punt coverage and FG holding. Eric doesn't seem to have a lot of faith in Pat McAfee. McAfee is holding for FGs, which he has never done before. So far, he is struggling.
  • Peyton Manning's knee is fine. Legs look very strong. Practicing roll-outs more.
  • Jamie Silva is the upback on special teams. This likely means people should include him on any mock 53-man rosters.
  • Austin Collie continues to get most of the reps at slot receiver. Pierre Garcon is backing up Reggie Wayne.
  • Despite struggling with FG holding, McAfee has a stronger leg than Tim Masthay.
  • Dante Hughes needed a strong camp to retain his job, and he is indeed having one. Right now, Tim Jennings and Hughes are backing up Marlin Jackson and Kelvn Hayden. The guys outside looking in are Michael Coe and T.J. Rushing

For more, read Eric's chat. Be sure to kiss the ground he walks on if you ever get a chance to meet him. his daily Tweets and chats from camp are gold!