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Bringing a veteran QB into camp

Last year with Peyton Manning on the PUP the Colts brought in a pair of veteran backups, Quinn Gray and Jared Lorenzen. Now with Jim Sorgi out 2-3 weeks they may bring an experienced QB in again. There are still a few Quarterbacks with NFL experience remaining unsigned.

Free Agents

Gus Frerotte

Drew Henson

Craig Nall

Marques Tuiasosopo

Cleo Lemon


UFL (I don't know if there is an arrangement for the NFL-UFL on the poaching of their talent, but it's unlikely any of these guys will give up a starting UFL job for a few weeks in an NFL camp).

Brooks Bollinger (Orlando)

Quinn Gray (New York)

J.P. Losman (Las Vegas)


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Gus Frerotte (FA) last seen replacing a struggling Tarvaris Jackson and starting 11 games for the Vikings before a back injury took him out of the lineup. He completed 59.1% of his passes for 2,157 yards, 12TDs with 15 INTs for a QB Rating of 73.7 and ANY/A of 4.3.

Drew Henson (FA) most notable for sharing time with Tom Brady in college. Henson both thrown an NFL touchdown and has a major league hit. The downside being that he's thrown just 20 NFL passes (only 2 over the last 4 seasons) and had only 9 MLB at bats.

Craig Nall (FA) the long-time backup has the impressive statistic of more years in the league (9), than games played (7). He has played well in his few appearances holding a career QB rating of 123.8 over 48 attempts.

Marques Tuiasosopo (FA) A second round pick of the Raiders, Tuiasosopo has played just 13 games (2 starts) in 8 seasons, and hasn't posted a season with less INTs than TDs or a QB rating over 51 since his (4 attempt) rookie year. Awesome name though.

Cleo Lemon (FA)  Lemon started half a season in Miami in 2007 playing well enough for an ill advised 3 year, 9 million dollar contract from the Jags, who cut him after just one year.

Brooks Bollinger (Orlando)  Bollinger has played a handful of games as a backup since a mediocre half-season starting for the Jets with 56.4% completion, 1,558 yards, 7TDs, and 6INTs for a rating of 72.9 and 4.1 ANY/A

Quinn Gray (New York)  We all saw Gray last year, through the first 3 preseason games he looked like the best QB of the 3 headed backup committee. Over the last two he threw 4 INTs to 1 TD and completed under 40% of his passes. He eventually caught on with the Cheifs where he had 8 very good pass attempts.

J.P. Losman (Las Vegas)  The 2004 1st rounder couldn't stay healthy and regressed as a passer after a pretty good 2006 season. With Trent Edwards emerging as a viable starter and outplaying Losman, J.P. was given the boot.


Very slim pickings, Where for art thou Josh Betts?  (actually he is available)