No Country for Old Receivers: Amani Toomer cut


Lots of people have taken shots at Marvin Harrison for not signing with a team. Why? Because NFL teams have no place for 30-plus year old receivers. Case in point: Amani Toomer is younger and (supposedly) healthier than Marvin Harrison. He was just cut today by the Kansas City Chiefs, who lost Devard Darling to IR and whose starting receivers currently are sure Hall of Famers Mark Bradley and Terrance Copper. Yep, for Toomer, that's pretty much a slap in the face. Two years ago, Toomer was the starting WR for the Super Bowl champion NY Giants. He is one of the most prolific WRs in NY Giants history. Now, he's been cut in favor of a bunch of scrubs no one has heard of. Marvin could have gone this route. He could have signed a Toomer-like contract and battled it out with the Terrance Coopers of this league, only to get cut in disgrace. But Marvin doesn't roll like that.