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NFL Opener- OVERTIME Thread

Hines Ward fumbled away the winning catch while going for the (covering) TD.  Now it's OVERTIME.


Steelers start with the football.



[Update]: Steelers win 13-10, Titans never see the football in OT. The Ds looked good (minus the Titans prevent/soft coverage D at the end of the 4th and in OT). The O's not so much and the Titans special teams cost them the game. Missed FG, blocked FG, gained 73 yards on 7 returns, allowed 126 yards on 5 returns.

We all know the damage losing the special teams battle can do. Hopefully tonight means that FO's can accurately project special teams play. The Titans will have terrible special teams, crippling their defense/ball control strategy and the Colts will live up to their top 8 ST ranking, if only so that I don't have to hide my eyes when they kickoff or punt.



This is still your open thread.