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Gonzo Down; Marvin Not The Answer

I guess it was only a matter of time before those thoughts came racing into our collective heads; should Polian call Marvin?  In my opinion the answer is a big, fat, resounding NO!

Gonzo's knee injury is an unfortunate break for the Colts in this very young season.  The Colts were starting off the year on a good foot; injuries were at a minimum and everyone was in good spirits and eager to start this new era of Colts football, the Caldwell era.  But the football gods would not let us Colts fans go long without stabbing us in the heart from afar.  Without even being touched, Gonzo fell to the turf clutching his knee in apparent agony.  Peyton Manning, among other Colts and Jaguars players, were in utter disbelief at what they saw.

"I'm sick about Gonzalez, whatever his injury is going to be," Manning said. "I didn't see it, but I actually asked (Jacksonville cornerback Rashean) Mathis, 'What happened?'

"He said, 'I didn't even touch him. He went down.' I've got a sick feeling about that. He's worked so hard this offseason. I certainly hope it's not a season-ending injury. I hope he's back soon. He's a big part of our offense."


In Peter King's Monday Morning QB, he specifically states that he asked Bill Polian would NOT reach out to Marvin even if Gonzo's knee injury will keep him sidelined for more than a month.

13. (tie) Indianapolis (1-0). Bill Polian told me after the game that the Colts, even if Anthony Gonzalez's knee injury is more than a one-month deal, wouldn't consider bringing Marvin Harrison out of retirement. Tony Dungy said something interesting on our NBC set: That Polian's comment says to him that Peyton Manning is comfortable with rookie Austin Collie in the slot and Pierre Garcon as the outside bookend for Reggie Wayne.

For whatever reasons Polian has for not wanting to contact Marvin I agree with them, regardless of what they are.  You have to remember Colts fans, the Colts offered Marvin a chance to stay, they wanted him to stay.  It was Marvin who decided he didn't want to stay with the team due to financial reasons, even though he's amassed quite a sum of money throughout his career here in Indianapolis.  Call me bitter if you like, but that just doesn't sit well with me.  His unwillingness to come to grips with his age and proneness to injuries is selfish, but maybe that's in his nature.  Maybe that selfishness is what made him such a great receiver.  Who knows?

Nevertheless, we don't even know when the last time Marvin touched a football or if he's in shape.  So assuming Gonzo's injury keeps him sidelined for the short term (2 weeks or so), it wouldn't be worth the hassle nor the money to sign Marvin and then inevitably cut him once Gonzo returns healthy.  My guess is that would seriously piss Marvin off and leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth.

For now, I agree with Polian's decision.  He could be full of it and is talking to Marvin as you read this, but I doubt it.  We have two very talented receivers who will fill in admirably.  Let's allow things to take their course and see what happens.