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"He has not had any training camp and it really is counterproductive to try to bring a player in who has not had any training camp and not had any offseason," Polian said Monday on his weekly radio show on 971. Hank FM. "That’s especially true of someone Marvin’s age (37). You’re probably inviting injury upon injury. If we were going to add someone, it would be someone who has been in training camp and possibly is a little younger than Marvin."

Polian said the Colts will consider signing a veteran at the position.

"We’ll talk about that tonight and tomorrow," he said on the show. "I don’t think the salary cap is of any consequence with any of the veteran receivers that are out there. They’re not going to command a lot of money. One thing we don’t do is pay attention to names. Just because a guy has been a good player and has a good name means nothing. We’ll sit down with our pro personnel folks – (Vice Presisent of Football Operations) Chris (Polian) and (Pro Scout) Kevin Rogers and others – and we’ll go through who we think the best veteran wide receiver might be, the guy who best fits our system, the guy who can do the most for us. If we choose to bring one in, that’s the guy we’ll bring in. Now, that’s predicated largely on how long Gonzo may be out. If he’s gone for four weeks or more, then the likelihood is we will make a change. If he’s gone for four weeks or less, there would probably not be the sense of urgency to make a change that might otherwise exist. He’s not a tremendously fast healer, so that may enter into the equation."

May the speculation begin!

  • The Patriots best LB is out 6-8 weeks with an MCL sprain.  The Pats defense looks worse and worse with each passing day.  (tip to BetterD)
  • Here's a good article on injuries and how they affect a team's success. (tip to jorce)
  • Jaguars Reggie Hayward has been placed on IR due to a broken leg.  Their defense also got a lot worse.
  • It's still uncertain whether Matt Cassel will play in the Chiefs week 2 game.  He most likely won't but that's just my opinion.
  • If you thought Philly fans were nuts then I wouldn't suggest moving to Buffalo.  Although something tells me if you don't single-handedly lose a division game against the perenially overhyped and overrated Patriots at home then I don't think you have much to worry about.  However, if you name is Leodis McKelvin and are guilty of the aforementioned crimes, your lawn is screwed.
  • Speaking of McKelvin, he doesn't seem remorseful for his stupidity and claims he would "do it again":

If I ever had another chance, I would probably do the same thing," he said. "Next time I get the opportunity I am going to hold on and make a better decision. If it happens next week, I am going to do it again, and you never know what will happen. I may break two and have the best game of my career. I am very disappointed. You don't need to have turnovers at the end of the game

    By make a better decision do you mean NOT RETURNING THE DAMN BALL AND JUST TAKING A KNEE SO YOU DON'T BLOW THE GAME?!  That kind of better deicision?  Idiot. (palmface)
  • I spot a trend.  A few years ago if a player were to get injured it was almost a sure thing he blew his ACL.  Nowadays, it seems like your ribs are in jeopardy.  Desmond Clark pulled a McNabb and got his ribs cracked.  That has to hurt.
  • Deadspin has a little fun at Adam Schefter's expense.  The funniest part (possibly the saddest as well) is that they are absolutely right about Adam's work up until now.  The guy is always doing something.  It's a shame he works for such a horrible network.
  • Jaguars fans over at Big Cat Country are still lamenting the loss the Colts gave them on Sunday afternoon.  Silencecs writes a hilariously sad article stating such ridiculous things as: "Jack Del Rio is a top-tier coach."  I highly recommend reading it, it made my morning.