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Breaking News: Colts To Sign WR Hank Baskett

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Hank Baskett
Hank Baskett

Adam Schefter reported on his Twitter page that the Colts will sign former Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett today (tip to Cass and indyboys).

This move is interesting for a number of reasons but mostly because of Baskett's size.  Peyton has never had such a large receiver - aside from Moorehead and Fletcher but those guys don't count because they aren't good - and if he is as good as everyone thinks he can be, watch out NFL, PEYTON'S COMING!

So anyways, whether you agree with the signing or not, we should all welcome Hank with open arms.  And lastly, deefree93 gets a cookie for being the first to mention the idea of picking up Baskett, gfy.

Welcome to Indy Hank, good luck and STAY HEALTHY!  Go Colts!

Check the next page for some Eagles fan's perspective on Hank Baskett.


We finally got some news on Gonzo's status.  Mike Chappell reports that Gonzo sprained his PCL and will not need surgery.  Chappell says that he could return in 4 weeks, but don't get your hopes up.  (tip to npb1985)

I asked them to answer me the following questions:

1. How are his hands?

2. How are his blocking skills?

3. How good is his route running?

4. Does he play special teams?

5. Any injury concerns?


Their responses:

1. How are his hands? Good enough. I don’t remember an overwhelming number of drops. My issue with Hank was that he never really used his physical attributes to his advantage (as noted below).

2. How are his blocking skills? Excellent as a WR. He was by far our best blocking WR. On occasion last year, he would actually replace LJ Smith as the TE in goal line situations. I’m not saying he’s Muhsin Muhammad or Hines Ward, but he’s definitely an asset in the running game, and he gives great effort.

3. How good is his route running? Bad. I feel that part of route running is jockeying for position vs defenders to put yourself in a better position to make catches. He’s 6’4, 220, and has a major physical advantage over any defensive back, but was never able to use it to his advantage.

4. Does he play special teams? He sure does, and he was one of our best. However, if he’s going to be your #3 WR, will he even play special teams?

5. Any injury concerns? I can’t recall any significant injuries.

He should be an immediate upgrade over Pierre Garcon for sure. I think you guys will like him. 

1. his hands are questionable, he has made some good catches but some bad drops too
2. blocking skills are good from what i remember
3. route running is ok but im not too sure about it, havent really looked seriously at it
4. he is a good special teams player, a good team player overall
5. dont remember anything injury wise, but i dont think he was on the field enough to get tested well

best of luck with him, we here at BGN overall would probably like to have seen reggie go, except for jibta and a few others, but his contract wouldnt allow it

1. His hands are normally good at best. He is not know for them.
2. He was the best blocking Receiver on our team IMO.
3. Route running and Speed are Mediocre. Does not play up to his size.
4. He is very good on special Teams.
5. He has gotten knicked up in the past, but always returned very quick.

I think Peyton can make him better play to his potential and you will definitely have a good #3 option with him.

He has good hands, really doesn’t drop much.
Can make a big catch on third down when needed.
lacks a little body control (looks goofy when running)
average route running
average speed.
Above average special team player,
very good work ethic
not a good red zone threat, dispite his height.

Over all, I would give him a C+ as a reciever.
If I where grading him in Madden, he would get a 71 rating or so.

He is a number 3 receiver on most teams, can be a #2 on a bad team. Expect 35 catches, and 3 TDs.

(To bo honest, he deserves to be on a roster, and deserves to play more, we shouldn’t have cut him, but we have a ton of good WRs now)

would have to agree with the previous posts.

1. His hands aren’t the greatest but sometimes he can pull off some great catches. Not the best receiver we have in regards to hands though. He was the tallest receiver on our team so he had that going for him.
2. He was the best blocking receiver on our team and his size helped him there. I agree with BadCo – would of rather seen Reggie go. Hank is a lot more versitile then just a receiver.
3. He isn’t the fastest on the team but he runs his routes pretty well. Which makes me think of the Carolina game… he was wide open in the endzone close to the end of the game but I think Kolb got sacked instead of throwing it to him – too many pump fakes and holding on to the ball too long is what you get with a inexperiences QB.
4. Good on special teams, probably what we used him for most since we had so many quality receivers.
5. I don’t remember any serious injuries.

You got yourself a good teammate, I know personally I’ll miss him. He’s a good guy.

I agree with these guys

I’ll emphasize his special teams ability…he played REALLY well, blocked well…

But GreeninMD made the best point: He doesn’t play up to his size. At 6’4", and reasonably fast, he should be an animal, but he’d let corners get in his face and disrupt things. Maybe Peyton can bring out the best in him, McNabb spreads the ball around so much, it’s possible he never got into a rhythm