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Quick thoughts on Baskett signing, and other musings

My spouse and I are hanging out in Montreal today and tomorrow. I've taken a break from eating fondue and cheese to read news and opinions on the Hank Baskett signing. I've also had time to listen to SIRIUS radio's NFL shows (we have SIRIUS in the rental car, much to my spouse's annoyance... hehe) and I have to say that the shows do more talking about teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars than the Indianapolis Colts. My favorite was listening to Pat Kirwan say the Jags "do not fear" the Colts, and that they have a "winning formula" against the Colts. Pat also had concerns about Indy losing Anthony Gonzalez until after the bye week.

First off, the Colts hold an 11-4 record against the Jags since the start of the AFC South division in 2002. During that seven year stretch, the Colts have swept the Jags three times. So, no offense to Pat Kirwan, but no one really gives a crap as to whether Jacksonville "fears" Indy. Indy OWNS Jacksonville, completely and utterly.

Indy has dominated the spotted kitties in the only stat column that matters: Winning. Also, I have no idea where Pat thinks the Jags have some kind of "winning formula," because to have such a formula the final result would have to produce WINS. A 3-12 record over seven years is not a winning formula, and Pat Kirwan doesn't know what he's talking about when it comes to analyzing the Colts and Jaguars.

Now, regarding Pat's concerns on Gonzo, I think that is legit. The Colts seemed to share those concerns, which is why they signed Hank Baskett. Let's be clear, Baskett has been brought in as a back-up. Pierre Garcon will start while Gonzo is out. Austin Collie is the slot receiver. Baskett will play in relief, or if there is an injury. Right now, Hank's primary job is on special teams, where he is quite good. This was a signing to bolster depth at WR and improve special teams.

With Baskett signed, we turn our attention to the truly feared Miami Dolphins, who have an impressive 2-0 record on the Colts on Monday Night Football. The last time these two played on MNF, the Dolphins demolished the Colts 41-6.