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Colts Depth Chart on Fringe Players

While it's obvious that there are things going on in the Colts roster plans not reflected in the depth chart, I still think there is information to be gleaned from it. What does the depth chart say about the fringe players?

RB: Mike Hart is listed 3rd, with Simpson (4th) ahead of Ball (5th). Walter Mendenhall is not listed.

WR: Pierre Garcon and Brett McDermott are listed as the backups to Wayne and Gonzo. Collie sits behind Garcon (likely because the Colts don't plan on using Collie on the outside), Taj Smith behind McDermott. John Matthews and Sam Giguere are 4th string.

TE: Gijon Robinson is the starting H-Back and Clark's backup. Jacob Tamme is ahead of Santi in both spots.

OL: Ugoh is listed as the #2 LT, Tom Pestock as the 2nd RT. On the interior the 2nd string is Richard, Justice, Federkeil. Toudouze, Thomas and DeVan are listed as 3rd string.

DE: Brock is listed as Freeney's backup rather than Mathis'. Dawson is listed as the #2 LE. Marcus Howard and Josh Thomas are 3rd string.

DT: Johnson & Johnson starting backed up by Muir and Moala. Taylor and Foster 3rd string with Grady and GIll at the end of the chart.

LB: Hagler, Keiaho, Senn still second string. Humber listed as a (3rd string) WILL, Tauilili as MIKE.

CB: Hughes and Jennings are 2nd string, Powers and Rushing 3rd. Lacey and Graham are 4th string.

S: Silva and Giordano 2nd string while Bob is still on the PUP. Travis Key is the 3rd string FS

RS: Rushing listed as 1st punt returner with Garcon behind him, Simpson as the top KR with Rushing backing up.