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Sunday Afternoon Open Thread: Part 2

At or nearing halftime in the early games.


  • Lions up 10-3 on the Vikings after holding AP to just 41 yards (including just 16 on his first 7 carries)
  • Raiders and KC locked up at the half in a 3-3 barnburner
  • Patriots up 9 to 3 on the Jets at the half
  • Rams lead the Redskins 7 to 6
  • Saints lead the Kolb led Eagles 17 to 13
  • Cardinals setting the Jags dumpster back ablaze, up 24 to 3
  • Falcons up 21-13 over the Panthers despite Jake Delhomme going an entire half without a turnover
  • Cincy giving the Packers a game 21-21 in the closing minute of the 1st half
  • Texans with a 3 point lead in a 24-21 shootout against the Titans.