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Sunday Late Games Thread

Very nice set of early games so far.

  • Patriots lose 9-16 as Brady goes 23/47 for 216 yds, no TDs and 1 int
  • Raiders beat the Chiefs 13 to 10 thanks to a sudden bout of effectiveness from JaMarcus Russell and Darren McFadden in the last 3 minutes
  • Redskins hold off the Rams 9 to 7
  • Jacksonville:
  •  3718254424_0c738f40e2_medium
  • The Lions gave the Vikings a game early, but couldn't hold on in the second half, losing 27 to 13
  • The Packers nearly catch the Bengals at the end of the game again, but aren't quite able to pull off a 40 second drill. 31-24 Bengals
  • The Saints blow away the McNabb-less Eagles 48-22
  • The Panthers late comeback died with Delhomme's first TO of the day. 28-20 Falcons.

Texans holding a 3 point lead at the 2 minute warning. TB-BUF (0-14), SF-SEA (3-0), PIT-CHI (0-0), CLE-DEN (3-0) and BAL-SD (0-0) all underway