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1st Quarter Tape Notes

DTs vs the Run: At least through the first quarter it was the same story over and over. The Dolphins 3 interior linemen repeatedly blew away the Colts DTs.

  • Double team on Mookie, driven back 4 yards, Ed sealed by other guard.
  • Double team on Big Ed, driven back 4 yards, Mookie sealed by other guard.
  • Ed Johnson stunts away from Point Of Attack, Mookie sealed off from filling the hole left behind. Ronnie Brown TD.
  • Double team on Mookie, driven back 3 yards, Ed sealed by other guard. Mookie sheds 3 yards deep and makes the tackle.
  • Double team on Foster, driven back 2 yards, Mookie sealed by other guard, Foster grabs RB as he goes by, but pile is pushed 3 more yards.
  • Double team on Big Ed, driven back 4 yards, Mookie sealed by other guard.
  • Double team on Big Ed, driven back 4 yards, Mookie sealed by other guard.

Tim Jennings: In the first 15 minutes the run support was very nice from Jennings, but they worked him for a pair of 3rd down conversions.

  • Open field solo tackle on Brown for no gain
  • gives 5 1/2 yard cushion. Ginn runs an 8 yard curl on 3rd and 8, very well timed. Jennings is too late to contest the reception, but prevents any YAC.
  • Jennings puts a big hit on Sticky Ricky as he tried to wrestle away from Bullitt. Ricky tries to come out of the game, but can't catch Ronnie Brown's attention.
  • 3rd and short, no view of the cushion, but when the ball goes up Jennings was 3 yards off Ginn as Ginn started to come back for the ball. Jennings doesn't make up an inch of that ground until Ginn hits the ground after the diving catch.

Dolphins Max Protecting?:  Just 4 pass plays in the first quarter, but they started out with no help to their tackles.

  • 4 WR, 1 RB, everyone goes out for routes
  • RB Screen pass
  • 2 WR, 2 TE, 1 RB, everyone goes out for routes
  • 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB, RB and TE stay in to block  7 on 4 protecting.

Linebacking: On all the outside runs the exact same thing kept happening. The OLB with contain would shoot into a hole inside the tackles opened by the Phins line, and the RB would just keep heading outside around the tackle and turn it upfield. Though they mixed it up one play with 4 players (Jennings, Session, Brackett and Mathis) flying outside to contain the run leaving a massive lane to the inside of them.

Offensive formations: The Colts mixed it up a bit, but no action from Tamme early who I had expected big things from.

  • Starters were Wayne and Clark outside, Gijon and Clark in-line, Addai in the backfield.
  • 2nd drive had a play with Clark split wide right, Garcon wide left, with Reggie in the left slot.
  • no set side for Clark or Gijon to be in-line on.
  • 3rd and long, Wayne and Garcon wide, Collie in the slot, Clark in-line, Addai in the backfield.


  • Lilja was beaten badly on opening play, but Clark had already come open.
  • First Addai run was nicely blocked to the left. Lilja, CJ and Clark take on the right end, blasting him back out of the play. The OLB has to go around and Clark peels off and seals him outside with a nice block giving Addai a lane. 12 yard gain.
  • 2nd Addai run looked like it was designed to go right and looked nicely blocked there, but Addai flew straight up the gut into Phins defenders for a gain of 3.
  • 3rd and final run of the quarter was Addai left. CJ and Saturday's guys both slip off and grab Addai at the line of scrimmage. No gain.
  • On the 3rd and 9 that ended with a throw away over Reggie Wayne's head, Pollak was beaten badly by a swim move, Addai took on a untouched blitzer right in front of Peyton and Porter made a wide loop around CJ. Any two of those would be escapable, but all 3 left Peyton trapped. Had a free defender coming from the right, Couldn't back away from Pollak's free man because of Porter looping wide. Couldn't step left/forward away from both because that's where Addai and the blitzing LB were going at it.