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Week 3: Thursday Injury Report

Good News, Bad News, and Worse News today. The good news is that no one new is on the report and that Clint Session is back at practice. The bad news is that the other 4 starters that missed yesterday with an injury are not back. Anthony Gonzalez was a given, Bob Sanders sitting out should mean this week is a no go for his return. Kelvin Hayden missing today raises the question of whether Hayden and the team have the same opinion on his injury (Hayden told reporters he expected to play Sunday before practices started this week) and Gary Brackett's day to day knee injury kept him out a second day.

Finally the Worse News. After getting yesterday off Dwight Freeney sat out today with a back injury. link


On the Cards side their 3 starters that missed time (RT Brown, WR Breaston and OLB Okefor) all had limited participation. While the three backups had the same status as yesterday (No practice for DE Iwebema and OLB Highsmith, limited for SS Matt Ware). link