Tim Jennings misses flight, out sunday v ari

With Kelvin Hayden out, Tim Jennings was supposed to be the starting cornerback for the indianapolis
colts on sunday night when they take on the Arizona Cardinals at university of phoenix stadium. One hitch in the plans, however. When the Colts flight took off saturday morning, Jennings was no where to be found.

The Colts, worried about their player, notified the indianapolis PD. Confused and unable to find Jennings at his downtown apartment, police searched Colts facilities. They were on their way out the door when a final scan of the
field at lucas oil stadium produced the glimpse of a shadowy figure.

Said Police Chief Bob McBoberSon, "At first, we didnt think anything of it. The figure we saw was so short and skinny, we thought he was a yard gnome, definitely not an NFL player. But after realizing that the yard gnome was moving, we decided to interrogate it. After getting closer, we realized the yard gnome was Tim Jennings! We were shocked, obviously. We said to him,

"Tim, why are you here, you play the Cardinals tomorrow!"

'Bob, I have to cover Larry Fitzgerald tomorrow, I'm just getting ready.'

"But Tim..."

"So, I'm just gettin ready, gettin my cushion set..."

"But Tim, the game is in Arizona!"

"I know, have you seen Larry, he's FAST."

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