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Week Three: Early Games- Open Thread

This is (likely) one of many open threads for all the games leading up to tonight's primetime game featuring the Colts and Cardinals. As you are waking up, rubbing the crust from your eyes, and wondering how the hell you got home after you were thrown out of that bar at 2AM, take a moment to read SpazMo's rather humorous FanPost on Tim Jennings.

When you're done reading that, post some thoughts here on some of the early games. Some early game thoughts:

The Titans absolutely must beat the Jets today or Tennessee's season is over. You don't start 0-3 in the AFC and make the playoffs. The game is in the Meadowlands.

The Patriots' injury list is a mile long, and they could be without Wes Welker and Randy Moss. They play the Falcons in Foxborough.

If the Texans knock off the Jaguars, we can cross the spotted kitties off the playoff hunt list. Starting 0-3, and 0-2 in the division, is a death knell.

Some GREAT games this Sunday! Talk away.