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Jim Caldwell press conference highlights: Week Three wrap-up

Jim Caldwell held his regular afternoon press conference today following the Colts 31-10 victory over the Arizona Cardinals. Here are some of the key notes:

  • There is no update on Dwight Freeney's injury other than he had an MRI this morning and results are expected later today.
  • Kyle DeVan and Mike Pollak are now in a rotation at RG mainly because DeVan has practiced so well of late. That does not sound like a ringing endorsement of Pollak, who was beat on a play early in the game which resulted in a Manning INT.
  • Caldwell raved about Freddy Keiaho, saying he played very well as the QB of the defense last night.
  • Run game is improved, and it was noticeable in practice prior to the game.
  • Caldwell praised the young receivers, especially Pierre Garcon.
  • No update as yet on the playing status for Kelvin Hayden, Gary Brackett, or Bob Sanders for next week.