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From Twitter: Dwight Freeney has torn quad

This Twitter was sent from Will Carroll at injuryexpert:

Freeney has a torn quad. Waiting on MRI to see severity but sounds bad. Def out for Week 4.

Again, no confirmations as yet, but it sounds bad. Tip to kzmavz for the update.

If this information is indeed correct, Freeney's season is over.

[UPDATE]: As some have rightly pointed out in the comments, because this initial information is so vague, it is jumping the gun a bit to say "Freeney is done." As Cassieper and others have pointed out, this could be a Grade I or Grade II tear, which is not as devastating as a tendon tear, an ACL tear, or a broken foot. So, we'll wait and see.

One thing seems pretty certain: Dwight is out for next week against the Seahawks.