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Dwight Freeney injury update: Out at least one month

The news is not great, but it is also not devastating. According to sources close to Indianapolis local news station WTHR, Dwight Freeney will be out at least one month with a quad injury. The information seems consistent with Grade 1 quadriceps strain.

Again, this is all unconfirmed. But, the article does quote Bill Polian:

"The docs will report to us later this evening, so we'll know something then, but I don't think there will be anything definitive for quite a while," Polian said on his weekly radio show Monday night. "The positive side is that he basically said, 'I can walk, I can play.' The good news is I don't have any bad news."

So, again, this does not seem to be horrible news, but it is still not good. If Freeney is gone for at least one month, his recovery would coincide with Indy's bye week, minimizing the number of games he'd miss.

More when we hear it. Tip to Blueisgood for the FanPost.