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ESPN's Adam Schefter saying Freeney out 2-3 weeks

Even though he's moved from NFL Network to the Evil Land of Bristol, Adam Schefter is still one of the better NFL news guys around; maybe even the best. Adam is also a pretty nice guy, and while I'm sure he does not remember me from the launch party we met at back in 2007, I'll say he was probably one of the more intelligent NFL media people I've ever met. So, when Schefter talks, I listen.

And when Shefter says Dwight Freeney will be out 2-3 weeks, I do a little happy dance.

I do this dance not because I'm happy that, for roughly the next month, the Colts will be without their best pass rusher. I do this dance because this injury had the potential to wipe out Freeney's season, just as his broken foot ended his season in 2007.

Schefter's report, which was just made on the ESPN morning SportsCenter (not up on website, yet, but now it's up, and we also have Playoff Pride's update), backs up last night's WTHR report saying Freeney will be out one month. And both reports strongly suggests that Dr. what the good doctor wrote

I didn't see anything affecting his walking when he went off of the field, and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be standing up and taking those interviews if he was in enough pain to affect his walking. By the way, for a Grade 3 strain, you can't walk without crutches, so that's not it for sure. Based on what we've seen, my (very early) diagnosis is a Grade 1 quadriceps strain.


Return to the field: 100% by St. Louis game (Game #6)

The St. Louis Rams game is right in line with Freeney being out 2-3 weeks. It's the game immediately following the bye week. Outstanding job, Doc. Even if you are or aren't an actual doctor of any kind, I certainly would have no objections to seeing you change your login name to Dr. Cassieper.

I'll wait to exhale until I hear official word from the Colts, but this Schefter report helps me, and everyone else in Colts land, breath a little easier.

Tip to npb1985 for the FanPost and to the SB Nation story stream for updating this.