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Luke Links: The Sigh of Relief Edition


Now that we know how long Dwight Freeney will be out, we can shift focus away from obsessing over his injury to finishing up discussion on the Cardinals game and looking ahead to the Seahawks.

  • Revenge of the Birds breaks down the Cardinals inability to run the football on Indy's defense.
  • John Oehser breaks down Bill Polian's latest episode of the Bill Polian show.
  • Peter King offers yet another interesting nugget on how Peyton Manning develops a professional relationship with his receivers:
    It's likely Clark and Wayne will alternate being Manning's men in the coming weeks, and perhaps even when Gonzalez returns. That's because Manning takes so long to get totally comfortable with new receivers. I've been told that Gonzalez hasn't become the kind of go-to receiver Manning looks for because he's too exact and doesn't yet have the kind of rapport with Manning the veterans do.

    "It takes every receiver who comes into this offense a few years to not just be a receiver running routes, but to be a useful target,'' Clark told me. "It took me four years. It's hard to narrow down why, but a good answer is experience. It's my seventh season now, and it's seeing a lot of plays with [Peyton], in the same film room with him, then getting out on the field and feeling it. Same thing with Reggie. I'm sure he didn't have the chemistry in year three he does now."

  •'s Mike Lombardi states that when Peyton Manning plays well, the Colts win. Pretty much a "duh" statement.
  • offers sites and sounds from the game.
  • Does anyone have Comcast at home? Is it nice? SB Nation has started working with Comcast (you may have noticed the "Red Zone" ads) and I'm looking to gauge whether folks use and like Comcast's NFL packages. I know Comcast now offers NFL Network, which means that anyone who has it and NFL Network is now someone I automatically hate. I'm still stuck with Time Warner Cable. Barf.
  • PhilB of the Indy Star offers a great live chat the night following the game. It seems that Philip Wheeler is very much in the Colts doghouse.
  • 18to88 keeps it real, saying the only accurate article written about Freeney's injury in the last 24 hours was a FanPost written here.
  • PhilB again, this time playing the "homer card." Very enjoyable article.
  • And finally, shake n bake already has his "Ask a Colts fan" post up over at Field Gulls. Check it out to see what Seahawks fans are inquiring about.