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Know Your Colts History: 1 Thought For Each of Peyton's 49 TD Passes in 2004


One day this video is going to be required viewing for my future children.  Right now, it's just the inspiration for this week's post.  What comes up after the jump should be pretty self-explanatory thanks to the title.

  1. They always say that to be a great wide receiver in the NFL you have to have ballerina-like footwork.  If that's true than Marvin Harrison makes Baryshnikov look like he's got two left feet.
  2. Stokley had more of a bumblin' stumblin' approach to scoring that touchdown, but 6 points always looks pretty to me.
  3. When people talk about Manning they always talk about what a great mind for the game he has, but let's not forget that he's a pretty good athlete in his own right.  The zip he put on that pass to Wayne would've been enough to kill an average man.  Thankfully, Reggie is no average man.
  4. Sometimes Peyton can make it look so easy.  Between being born to an NFL quarterback, being blessed with oodles of physical and mental talent, and raking in boatloads of cash at every corner, it would be easy to hate him if he weren't a Colt.
  5. See if you can notice a trend with the next few touchdowns...
  6. Notice those back-to-back deep touchdown passes?
  8. Okay, that was better.  Next time, try acquiring a safety with speed and reaction time perhaps.
  9. Hey, whatever happened to James Mungro?
  10. Watching this reminds me how good it is to see an effective play-action called up.  There's no way Peyton would've gotten so many touchdowns this season without Edgerrin James doing some of the dirty work.
  11. More play-action, more defenders sucking up to stop the run, more touchdowns.
  12. The Raiders let Mungro get 2.5 rolls in before they could touch him down.  And to think this was just the start of the dark days in Oakland.
  13. Again, play-action is really awesome.  Let's hope Addai and Brown can make that play useful again this season.
  14. Welcome to this week in awkward fist pumps and slam dunks, starring Dallas Clark.
  15. I can only imagine what Peyton and Marvin talked about after this touchdown.  I'm tempted to say dinner plans, but I'm sure by this point in their respective careers that he knew whenever he asked that Marvin would say "Wendy's!" and curl up into a ball until he got a Frosty.
  16. Watching Dallas Clark run routes is both mesmerizing and clumsy.  I'd talk more about it, but he's used that running style to score 31 touchdowns, so I'll keep my mouth shut.
  17. Hey, you'll never believe it.  Another deep touchdown created by play action.  Just an observation.
  18. Gotta love the downfield blocking by Reggie Wayne here.  Sure, Marvin would've made it easily without the block, but the effort is still appreciated.
  19. Just a reminder, Peyton still has 30 more touchdowns to throw.
  20. Watching Marvin Harrison relish the fact that he just made a defender look silly has to be one of my ten greatest pleasures in life.
  21. You'd think that opposing teams would've caught on to the whole "Peyton likes to throw it deep schtick" or at least tried to trip one of the receivers or something.
  22. You can tell at this point of the game the Chiefs' defensive backs are getting just a wee bit frustrated about not being able to stop the wide receivers.  Or maybe I mistook that spinaround from #26 as a sign that he wanted to mambo.
  23. I wish Reggie and Dallas would do more hip-bumps after touchdowns, regardless of whether or not they're the ones scoring.
  24. Marcus Pollard...where have the years gone?  I remember when he was the heir apparent to Ken Dilger.
  25. I would pay even more to watch Reggie Wayne try to hip bump Dallas while he has no idea what's going on, only to hip bump him again.
  26. Not going to lie, this was probably the blandest touchdown of the season.
  27. If you were given 100 chances to pull of the same catch Brandon Stokley just did, you would fail 100 times and you'd probably twist something trying to do so.
  28. Great cut by Reggie Wayne on this touchdown to create separation and get the touchdown.  His shiftiness has always been criminally underrated.
  29. No footage of TD #29, but based on the description, a 1 yd. TD pass to Dallas Clark, it probably wasn't all that exciting anyway.  Unless Dallas did his awkward fist pump again.
  30. One of the few TD throws of the season where Peyton didn't directly lead his receiver to the endzone.  Like TD #18, another great downfield block by Wayne.
  31. There's not another QB in the league that can put that much zip on a ball and be accurate on the move.  There's also not another tight end in the league that can dust a secondary like Dallas Clark did after that catch.  Also, Marvin's attempt to decapitate a player as Dallas ran to the endzone was appreciated.
  32. I know I keep harking on this, but that's another TD that wouldn't have worked without the play-action.  It sucked the linebackers up just enough to give Pollard room over the top to make the catch.
  33. No play-action needed here, Wayne just burned his man here.  But don't worry Nathan Vasher, burn ointment is available in aisle 5.
  34. Michael Green, there's still plenty of ointment available.
  35. Gosh, Peyton just had to make all of Chicago look silly, didn't he?
  36. It's a shame that 2004 Peyton didn't get to face the Lions, he probably could've thrown for 10 touchdowns.
  37. The sad thing is that the 2004 squad (6-10) was Detroit's 3rd best team of the decade.
  38. I like how Reggie sets a nice downfield pick and then goes out of his way to try to prove that he didn't touch the guy, even though he clearly did.  I know I should've said something about Stokley's impressive speed on this play, but I always get caught watching Reggie Wayne on this play.
  39. Steve Mariucci looks flustered on that play, but Peyton and Marvin have burned every team in the league with that route.  He's hardly alone in his pain.
  40. Watching Marvin and Reggie work together on this play is always amazing for me to watch.  There just aren't a lot of tandems in the league who would do that for one another.
  41. If TD #39 was Peyton and Marvin's bread and butter, this was their steak and potatoes play they've also used on just about every team in the league.
  42. That's the kind of play that takes years of practice to perfect.  You just can't get that kind of preciseness without years and years of work together.  That's what makes 18 to 88 the greatest passing duo to ever take the field.
  43. I really hope the Colts wide receivers bought Edgerrin James a nice dinner after the season.  His running ability created so many touchdown opportunities for the team.
  44. It's always nice when you can get all three of your top receivers a touchdown catch.
  45. It also must be nice as a wide receiver when you can stand perfectly still in the endzone and make a touchdown catch.  Sure, the push after the score had to be a little bit of an insult, but I think anyone in Marvin's shoes wouldn't have minded.  It says a lot about the potency of an offense when a wide receiver widely regarded as top 5 all-time can get open and STAND STILL in the middle of the endzone.  Or maybe it says something about the Texans' defense that year, who knows.
  46. It's a bit ironic to see Marvin end up on the ground after scoring a wide open touchdown while Reggie stays on his feet despite having two defenders nearly sandwich him before he gets in.
  47. Have you ever been embarrassed after you realized you took the wrong turn driving somewhere?  Now imagine that you made the wrong turn on national television and instead of being in a car you're on your feet, and instead of being late, your wrong turn means that you just gave up a critical touchdown.  Now you know what it feels like to be Chris McAllister.
  48. Yeah, the shovel pass is a cheap way to pick up a passing touchdown, but it was a beautifully executed play by the Colts.  Everyone on the field earned those six points.
  49. I'm hoping next year that they rename rookie difficulty "Peyton" on Madden 2011.  It's almost criminal how easy he made the game look in 2004.  Here's to hoping for a flashback to those times in 2009.