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Final 15 Cuts

To reach the final roster limit of 53 the Colts cut Adrian Grady, Marcus Howard, John Matthews, Walter Mendenhall, Dante Hughes, Steve Justice and Nick Graham, leaving them with 63 players.That leaves 15 cuts (14 if Sanders remains on the PUP) left today.

They are....

Running back Lance Ball,

wide receiver Sam Giguere,

defensive lineman John Gill,

running back Mike Hart,

wide receiver Brett McDermott,

Offensive lineman Tom Pestock,

wide receiver Taj Smith,

linebacker Michael Tauiliili,

defensive tackle Terrance Taylor,

offensive lineman Jaimie Thomas,

defensive end Josh Thomas

offensive tackle Michael Toudouze.

Waived-Injured were: DB Travis Key and tight end Jamie Petrowski.

Bob Sanders was removed from the PUP, and only 14 were cut because the suspended Ed Johnson does not count on the roster until next week when he's eligible to play. link

The Colts Current Roster Is....

QBs Peyton, Sorgi, Painter
RBs Addai, Brown, Simpson
WRs Wayne, Gonzo, Collie, Garcon
TEs Clark, Gijon, Tamme, Santi
OTs CJ, Diem, Ugoh and Federkiel
OGs Lilja, Pollak, Richard
OCs Saturday, DeVan

DEs Freeney, Mathis, Brock, Dawson
DTs Mookie, (Ed), Muir, Moala, Foster
LBs Wheeler, Brackett, Session, Hagler, Senn, Humber, Keiaho
CBs Hayden, Marlin, Jennings, Powers, Lacey, Rushing
Ss Sanders, Bethea, Bullitt, Silva, Giordano

ST Vinny, Andrus, McAfee, Snow