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Special site announcement: BigBlueShoe getting married



Hi all. Apologies for interrupting your regular chain of Colts content, but wanted to make a special announcement about me, the site, and the upcoming start to the 2009 regular season. I haven't blogged about this all that much, but in just a few days I am getting married. I'm getting hitched to a woman who is intelligent, lovely, and who absolutely detests football. Oh, and her father is a Packers fan.

Hey, can't help who you fall in love with.

This means that for the better part of this week and all of next week, I will be busy making wedding arrangements, kissing the bride, and all the fun honeymoon stuff afterward. With all this going on, it is unlikely that I will have time to blog regularly about our beloved Colts. In fact, because our honeymoon involves camping and enjoying the outdoors, I will likely not have a chance to watch one or both of the games (Week One against the Jaguars, Week Two against the Dolphins).

So, while I am fretting over table clothes, dinner plates, flowers, and what color tie I'm going to wear, guys like shake n bake, mgrex03, KingRichard, and Colt Homer will maintain the site, providing you with the very best content possible. MasterRWayne is also attending the wedding. I've already got open threads in the queue for both the Thursday and Sunday games, and our cadre of stellar writers will provide you with game previews, fantasy updates, post-game recaps, and much more.

During these two weeks, I will pop in when I can, comment on a few things, and perhaps post a picture or two. So don't fret. I'll be around. I just won't be posting articles that frequently. After two weeks, I'll be chomping at the bit to post about our beloved team, and you'll see me back chugging out my usual three or four posts a day (I have no life).

You may see some posts from me tonight, tomorrow night, and (possibly) Thursday, but in general over the next two weeks I will post less. If you need to send an email to Stampede Blue about anything in particular, send it to SB Nation's contact page. Or, you can email shake n bake.

When (appropriate) wedding pictures are available, I'll post them for you. In the meantime, we return you to your regularly scheduled Colts blog.