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When will Bob Sanders return?

Colts coach Jim Caldwell is playing it intentionally vague when naming a timetable for Bob Sanders' return. From John Oehser:

"Probably the biggest thing on that is we feel obviously he's going to be inside that 5-to-6 week window," Caldwell said. "He's making good progress. He's coming along. Whenever he's ready, we'll put him out there. He's doing well."

No offense to coach, but if Sanders does not return until after Week Five, it would have made more sense to place him on the PUP list and retained safety Matt Giordano. The only reason to keep Sanders on the active roster is the Colts have to sense that he will be back sooner rather than later.

Regardless, it makes sense to play it vague. While Melvin Bullitt is a high quality safety who can certainly get the job done, Sanders is a difference maker. He changes the complexion of games and makes special plays that often help the Colts win.

Plus, there's just the overall fear factor. Bob Sanders flat out intimidates people.

So, if I had to guess, I'd say he'll be back by Week Four, which is a home game against the Seattle Seahawks. That game could also mark the return of Edgerrin James, who signed with the Seahawks a few weeks ago.