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Colts to face Ravens next week after a 33-14 Ravens domination over the Patriots

For the first time in Bill Belichick and Tom Brady's careers with the Patriots, the Pats have lost a home playoff game. The Ravens walked into Foxboro and then walked all over the Patriots, dominating our fierce rivals with scary-good efficiency running the football. Over 200 yards rushing and 3 TDs by Ray Rice and Willis McGahee. The Ravens defense made Tom Brady look very ordinary, forcing 3 INTs. Not having Wes Welker very much affected the Pats offense.

Patriots fans actually booed Brady at home. I never thought I'd see the day. Seriously, why boo Brady? Sure, he played poorly, but so did Randy Moss, Stephen Gostkowski, and Laurence Maroney. Unlike Brady, all those guys are known to come up small in big games. And let's not forget Bill Belichick and the Patriots defense; they stunk it up all game. Booing Brady was just uncalled for. All he ever did was make the Patriots relevant.

With the Ravens pulling off this dominant upset, they will play our Colts in the Divisional Round next week. The Colts and the Ravens have a obvious history with one another. And, if you watched them play today, the Ravens most certainly look like one helluva football team.

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