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The Ravens can sure as hell run the ball

Against the Patriots yesterday, the Ravens won a blowout at Foxboro despite their quarterback throwing for only 34 net yards passing.


While early Patriots turnovers significantly contributed to the Ravens rout, anytime a team like the Ravens can win in blowout fashion with only 34 net total passing yards, that should raise a few eyelids. The reason the Ravens won was because they rushed for 234 yards on 52 attempts, averaging 4.3 yards a carry. They also scored three TDs running the ball, one of them was their first offensive play from scrimmage; an 83 yard TD run by Ray Rice.

Contrast this with the Week Eleven game between the Colts and Ravens in Baltimore. The Colts held the Ravens to 98 total rushing yards on 31 carries (3.2 a carry). The Colts won 17-15 behind a clutch field goal by former-Ravens kicker Matt Stover and a key interception by Gary Brackett late in the game.

Controlling the Ravens ground game seems pretty paramount if the Colts want any chance of advancing in the post-season.