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Terry Bradshaw worried that people will think Peyton Manning is better than him

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The title is the only reason I can think of for these comments from Terry Bradshaw:

What did I think of Peyton winning his fourth MVP? I’m not sure it meant as much to him as much it would have meant to Drew Brees, who has never gotten it. I like to spread this award around. I mean, you could give it to Peyton every year, but how could you not give it to Brees? What does he have to do to get it? What does Chris Johnson down in Tennessee have to do to get it? I always ask myself who stepped up and had incredible years. It would have been great for the NFL, because Drew is every bit as good a guy and a player as Peyton is.

I'm stunned at how ridiculous this sounds on the surface. To follow-up on what 18to88 said on the quote from Bradhaw, the MVP voters are now supposed to factor in how the candidates feel? Drew Brees should get it because it would mean more to him? What?

And to answer Terry's question, in order for Drew Brees to win an MVP award, he has to not suck as he did in his team's December loses to the Cowboys and the Buccaneers. In order for Chris Johnson to win an MVP award, he has to do more to get his team in the playoffs. 80% of the MVP voters saw things that way, as did 65% of our bloggers here at SB Nation.

Oh, and I don't know anyone who thinks that Drew Brees "is every bit as good a guy and a player as Peyton is." Saints fans don't even think that. 

Terry Bradshaw must have been drunk when he wrote this. If he was sober and within his faculties, someone get this guy's head in a cat scanner. I'm thinking long, undiagnosed case of post-concussion brain trauma might be the only reason left as to why Bradshaw would write something like that.