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Pierre Garçon Tweets that Jerruad Powers is slower than Peyton

Obviously, the title is a joke, but the joke is indeed courtesy of Colts rookie cornerback Jerraud Powers. Like many of us this past Sunday, Colts players Jerraud Powers and Pierre Garçon were watching the Jets play the Bengals in Cincinnati. However, unlike the good old days, when people would call and talk to one another during the course of the game, "Jpeezy25" and "ShowTimeP85" decided to use Twitter to talk trash about each other, their Colts teammates, and about other NFL players.

Of course, the winner in all this is us, the fans, because the entertainment value of Pierre Garçon calling Jerraud Powers as slow as Peyton Manning cannot be measured in mere dollars. Just entertainment is priceless. Here is there Twitter conversation from this weekend:

Jpeezy2 how is that a flag....Revis is locking this clown down and they calling some cheap stuff...

ShowTimeP85 Revis holds 95% of the time....don't be bias

Jpeezy25 agggghhh u WRs these days are babied..we can even touch yall but u can push us all day and dont get calls. Revis is not holding

 it goes both ways yall hold we push off

Jpeezy25 Garcon...u cant be serious...i know a guy name Austin Collie...nuff said

ShowTimeP85 lol thats him...I don't push off..yall be so far off I don't have to push speed push yall off far enough...

Jpeezy25 haaaa u funny..we can race and lace the fastest dudes on the team besides Taj

ShowTimeP85 don't put your money on it...

ShowTimeP85 your about as fast as Peyton...

Jpeezy25 now that was jus disrespectful man...take that back, im hurt

ShowTimeP85 lol...

Jpeezy25 now everybody retweeting that man..haaa

The Twitter party was later joined by Seahawks running back (an former Colts back) Justin Forsett, who was also watching the game. Garçon is quite the Twitter maven, with chatty friends like Redskins linebacker London Fletcher, Bengals defensive tackle Pat Sims, 49ers linebacker Takeo Spikes, Colts cornerback Jacob Lacey,  and Bills wide receiver Terrell Owens in his Tweet roll.

Of course, the absolute master of Twitter from the Colts locker room is Raheem Brock. When he's not Tweeting updates on Dallas Clark doing a cover of "Juicy" he's posting pictures of the bill at Ruth Chris Steakhouse (Tip to LovinBlue) for the annual rookie d-line dinner. When it comes to Twitter, it is Raheem Brock's world and the rest of us are loving it! I mean seriously, how can you not love a Colts player who Tweets this after the Patriots lost their first Wild Card Playoff Game under Bill Belichick:

Peace out patriots!nd we have no room on the bandwagon for patriots fans yall can kick! Lol bout to study these ravens!

There was also this little Tweet from Brock, made just prior to the Ravens v. Patriots playoff game:

I'm cleanin up the house this morn nd some papers fell on the floor in front of study notes from playn bmore...think its a

The hilarity of Powers complaining about Austin Collie pushing off and Raheem Brock telling Patriots fans to kick rocks barefoot all provide the kind of honest, unfiltered dialogue that we fans are often denied. Press conferences are too scripted and locker-room interviews too bland for the access to feel real. Here, on Twitter, the interaction feels real. Sometimes, it can backfire and make you look like a crass, immature fool, like Chris Johnson's Tweet this weekend did.

Here, it just makes the players seem like human friggin beings, not the mindless, "blah blah blah" stiffs we see plastered all over ESPN and the like.

And while a significant amount of the Tweeting is silly in nature, one constant theme is pushed by the players when they are Tweeting either during or after work:

RaheemBrock Feels good to be working in jan!

ShowTimeP85 Practice...focused

Jpeezy25 Just got to work, preparing for Baltimore...gotta b great this time of year.

Again, hard not to like guys who think and Tweet this way. Go Colts!