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The Big Lead takes a big shot at Indianapolis

The Big Lead, when discussing possible US venues for the World Cup in 2018, has some rather crass words for the capital of the state of Indiana:

Indianapolis is the most boring, nondescript and generally awful large city in the United States.  No one is excited to go there.  No one has a compelling reason to go there if not for a budget-conscious convention.  It is like Applebees, but less zany.

The city has no organic existence.  Indiana’s founders decided to create a city near no body of water and in the geometric center of the state.  Facing limitless possibilities, they named it "Indiana City."  What is the difference between Indianapolis and a tub of yogurt?  The tub of yogurt would produce a culture after 200 years.

After the jump, you can read my response to The Big Lead regarding their opinion of Indianapolis.

Dear The Big Lead,

Go f*#k yourselves you uppity, entitled pricks.


Tub of Yogurt


Oh, and consider this an open thread to bash The Big Lead and the big asshats who run that site. Remember this gem from them last year? I guess I shouldn't expect anything intelligent written by a friggin Jets fan.