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BigBlueShoe predicts the 2009 playoffs (aka, more stupidity from the writer you barely know and somewhat trust)

For the past three years, I've predicted the Colts road to the Super Bowl. I was semi-right only once (2006) when I picked the Colts to play the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game (a long shot back then since the Colts and Pats were the #3 and #4 seeds, respectively) and later defeat the Saints in the Super Bowl. As you all know, the Bears beat the Saints in the NFC Championship Game and later lost to our Colts in Super Bowl 41.

Unfortunately, my predictions for Super Bowl 42 (Cowboys v. Colts) and Super Bowl 43 (Panthers v. Colts) were about as wrong as one can get. But that certainly hasn't stopped me from continuing to make my yearly Colts Super Bowl predictions, no matter how stupid those predictions make me look after the fact.

So, like the last three seasons, I present my predictions for the Colts road to Super Bowl 44. And yes I am THAT crazy to make these predictions. View them after the jump:

The Colts play the Ravens this weekend, and just as they did in the 2006 playoffs, the Colts will defeat them. Our beloved blue ponies will then move on to the AFC Championship Game where they will face... the Jets.

Yes, I said it: The Jets.

Since the Chargers have destroyed my predictions the last two years, I figured I'd give them another opportunity to make me look even more foolish. I don't think anyone is expecting a Jets club with a rookie QB to go all the way to San Diego and beat a Chargers team that has won 11 straight. But, for an idiot like me, that is exactly the kind of game I will pick against the trend. This is why I avoid mgrex03's excellent pick'em challenges. I'm just too much of an idiot to not pick the obvious winners.

With the Jets defeating the Chargers in a shocker, the Colts would face the team that gained so very much from Bill Polian's edict of "rest the starters regardless of history." It would provide the Colts the kind of redemption rarely offered in sports.It was against the Jets that the Colts rested their starters in Week Sixteen, abandoning a run at an undefeated season that Colts fans very much wanted to see happen.

After a tough game, the Colts will emerge victorious over the Jets and head to Miami for Super Bowl 44 where they will play... the Cardinals.

Yes, the Cardinals will buck the trend (somewhat) of previous Super Bowl losers and return to the big game just one year after falling in a nail-biter to the Steelers. This game would pit Peyton Manning against Kurt Warner, both of whom exploded onto the NFL scene in 1999, ushering in a new era of football that was post-John Elway, post-Dan Marino, and post-Steve Young. In a way, the match-up would provide a fitting bow to a period of football that has been defined by evolved quarterback play. The game would feature two explosive offenses in a re-match of a Week Three game which saw the Colts blow out the Cardinals in Arizona.

And just like in the Week Three match-up, the Colts will win and record their third Super Bowl victory for the franchise.

Hope you enjoy these little predictions, which are basically me just spewing a bunch of senseless nonsense because I'm bored with other Super Bowl predictions. But, just like everyone else here, I love my Colts and I think they have what it takes to win it all. all they have to do now is go out there and prove me a genius. Here's to them doing so.

Go Colts!