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Jets v. Colts next weekend

Amazingly, the Jets upset the Chargers in San Diego 17-14 and will head to the AFC Championship Game to take on our Colts. The game will be a re-match between the Jets and the Colts who met in Week Sixteen in the now infamous "benched starters" game, where Colts coach Jim Caldwell pulled Peyton Manning in the third quarter and thus gave up on a then-undefeated season.

In many ways, the AFCCG is a shot at redemption for the Colts. One thing is clear, though they benefited down the stretch in the regular season by playing opponents who rested starters, the Jets very much deserved to be in these playoffs.

Chat about the games today and the upcoming championship games.

[UPDATE]: Raheem Brock Tweets up more hilarity regarding the Chargers loss (tip to LovinBlue):

Did the chargers just lose? Not the hottest team in the nfl…that’s not possible!

If this weekend showed us anything, it's that Bill Polian was right. Momentum going into the playoffs is indeed over-rated. The Cowboys and the Chargers were the two hottest teams heading into the post-season. The Cowboys were blown out by the Vikings today, and the Chargers seemingly imploded at home to the Jets.