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Jets act like idiots, sell gear on their Pro Shop site proclaiming them AFC Champions

This is not good news for Jets fans who believe in Karma.

If you visit the New York Jets official pro shop, you will see that from prices ranging from $3 to $52 dollars a person can purchase hats, hoodies, and key rings all proclaiming the Jets the AFC Champions.


As you may recall, the New England Patriots tried something similar to this prior to Super Bowl 42 with books "commemorating" their 19-0 season days before the Super Bowl was played against the NY Giants.

We know how that turned out for the Pats.

There is confidence. There is cockiness. And then, there is complete and utter batsh*t stupidity. Doing something like this falls into the "utter batsh*t stupid" category. Other than the fact that this is the AFCCG and the winner goes to the Super Bowl, if the Colts needed any extra motivation to beat the ever-loving crap out of the disrespectful Jets this Sunday, they can thank the idiots who posted this stuff on the Jets Pro Shop.

I guess the silver-lining out of all of this is that kids in Nicaragua will be able to get some free Jets apparel this year.

Link from PFT

[UPDATE]: Before someone else says "Everyone does this," the response is no, they don't. Go to the Colts Pro Shop and on the front page you do not see the kind of stupidity they have up at the Jets Pro Shop site.