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Manning and Freeney part of All-Decade Team; Harrison and Saturday not?

It's nice that the NFL has added Peyton Manning and Dwight Freeney to the All-Decade team, which will be announced during the Pro Bowl. However, it seems two glaring omissions from the all-Decade team stand out could be Marvin Harrison and Jeff Saturday.

We know that Kevin Mawae is on the All-Decade team, which is, of course, ridiculous. Saturday is a superior center to Mawae by any measurement one can think of. Saturday has been selected to more AP All Pro teams, won a Super Bowl, and has been the starter on the greatest offense this decade. How Mawae got selected over Saturday baffles me.

And then there is Marvin Harrison. Who got selected over him? If the names Randy Moss or Terrell Owens appear on the list over Harrison, the list is a sham and a farce. Freeney and Manning should boycott it out of principle if those two jokers got selected over Marvin. If Hines Ward and Torry Holt got it over Marvin, that's fine. They put up great numbers and helped their teams win Super Bowls. Moss and Owens have never won anything, and both have stretches during the decade of ineptness. All-Decade suggests they were great for a decade, not five or six years.

Also, All-Decade should include Adam Vinatieri. Name me a greater clutch kicker from 2000-2009. This list kind of smells like a hack job.