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Week Seventeen Finale!- Open Thread

Thanks to the Colts, it is very simple for the Jets: Beat the Bengals and they are in. For the Bengals, thanks to the Texans, it too is very simple: Beat the Jets, get the #3 seed in the AFC. With the #3 seed and the Jets eliminated, the Bengals would face the Broncos at home, which would give the Bengals a chance to avenge the Week One "Stokley tip catch for a TD" game. BTW, the Broncos just got waxed at home by the hapless Chiefs.

If the Bengals lay down and fold against the Jets even with the #3 seed on the line (aka, the game "means something"), people will continue to call the integrity of the NFL into question. Laying down in snowy Buffalo is one thing. Throwing away better playoff seeding is another.

It will be very interesting to see what the Bengals do in terms of starters. Tomorrow, it is very possible the Jack Del Rio, Jim Zorn, Eric Mangini, and Raheem Morris will all be fired. All of them suck as head coaches anyway, making their coaching terminations not big loss to the NFL.

This is your open thread to talk about the game and all the possible playoff scenarios. Enjoy.