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Great Colts of the Decade: Individual Performance

We are wrapping up the "Great Colts of the Decade" this week. Again, the focus here is from 2000-2009, and for this one it involves the greatest individual performance by a player in one game. The game itself could be a playoff game, or a game that helped the Colts reach the playoffs. The game could be a "coming out party" type of game or the type of clutch, money performance that makes the player and the team seem invincible.

Obviously, everyone is going to have their own favorite moment. Some might not be listed here. For the ones listed, I thought back to games where certain individuals did something that, for the Colts at that time, we fans had never seen before. Thus, the performance was made special.

Feel free to make suggestions and, if they meet our criteria, we'll update the poll. Enjoy voting.