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Great Colts of the Decade: Manning Moment

He will likely go down as the greatest quarterback ever to play the game. So, when it comes to great moments in Colts history from 2000-2009, Peyton Manning gets a category all his own. Even now, when he is supposed to be on the decline, Manning will likely lock up his NFL record fourth MVP. A big reason he has won this award is because of recent amazing moments that re-define what a QB can do for a team in the clutch.

For some of you, a great Manning moment might be how he handled himself when his team struggled, or when he himself was struggling. I've often said his 6 INT performance against the Chargers in the 2007 regular season was one of his finest games. Obviously, people look at that on the surface, laugh it off, and continue on with their vapid existence. They rest of us know that despite a depleted team featuring starting wide receivers named Craphonso Thorpe and Aaron Morehead, Peyton drove the team into chip-shot FG range to win the game in the final seconds. Adam Vinatieri missed the FG, a miss fans still hate him for to this day.

There are so many Manning moments we could fill an encyclopedia. For this one, we'll pick the five best of Stampede Blue. If you feel one is missing, by all means ask that it be added.