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No Bill Polian Show for Monday, January 4th? [UPDATE] It's on, just not on the Internet

Bill Polian (center) talks with Jim Sorgi (left) and Peyton Manning (right). Image: via <a href=""></a>
Bill Polian (center) talks with Jim Sorgi (left) and Peyton Manning (right). Image: via

After last week's disaster, which featured Bill Polian essentially call one fan a liar on-air while another fan directly challenged Polian's assertion that the Colts played with "maximum effort" against the Jets, it seems there is no Bill Polian Show on the air this evening. Both HANK FM and 1070 The Fan feeds do not seem to be carrying the show at present. HANK FM is playing music while 1070's Internet feed is not working.

The show normally runs 6pm-7pm Eastern every Monday night.

We hope there is a legit reason why there is no show tonight, because if Polian has opted not to continue his show in light of how fans have reacted to the Colts' decision to bench starters in Week Sixteen, then that would be pretty cowardly. As negative as I have been towards Polian of late, I do not think he is the type to run away from fans like this.

I trust and hope there is a technical, programming, or scheduling reason why there is no show tonight.

[UPDATE]: Readers in the comments are telling us they listened to the show on regular FM radio. It seems the show was not streamed live on the Internet, which is a bit interesting.