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Stampede Blue Playoff Fantasy Football Challenge - 2009

For those of you who just can't get enough Fantasy Football, I have a new contest for you:  The Stampede Blue Playoff Fantasy Football Challenge.  We did this last year, and had 89 entries.  Based on the response we received from the Prediction Contest, I think we can double that this year. 

Because of the amount of stuff on the front page, follow me for the rules and link...

Here's how the scoring works (it will look very familiar to anyone who played Stampede Blue FFL this year):


  • Passing Yards -> 25 yds = 1 pt
  • Rush/Rec Yards -> 10 yds = 1 pt
  • Reception -> 1 pt.
  • Pass/Rush/Rec TD -> 6 pts
  • Interception/Fumble Lost -> (-2) pts
  • Extra Point -> 1 pt.
  • FG < 40 yds -> 3 pts
  • FG 40-49 yds -> 4 pts
  • FG 50+ yds -> 5 pts
  • Defensive INT / Fumble Recovery ->2 pts
  • Sacks -> 1 pt
  • Safety -> 2 pts
  • Def / Return TD -> 6 pts
  • Pts. Allowed
    • 0 Pts -> 10 pts
    • Pts 2 - 6 -> 7 pts
    • Pts 7 - 13 -> 4 pts
    • Pts 14 -> 1 pt

A minor clarification:  A player who returns a kick/punt for a TD will get credit for a return TD, as well as the team.  For example, if DeSean Jackson would return a punt for a TD, he'd get 6 points, as well as the Eagles Defense.

For the contest, you take 3 QBs, 4 RBs, 5 WRs, 2 TE, 2 K, and 2 DEF.  You'll keep these players for the entire duration of the Playoffs.  There is no re-choosing after each weekend.  That makes it much more difficult to choose players, as some obviously don't play until next weekend.  I'll repeat so it's clear:  You are choosing players for the entire duration of the Playoffs.  There will be no chance to re-choose after the first game starts. 

The other catch is that you can only choose 3 players from any given team.  That means, if you think the Colts will win the Super Bowl, you can't take every Colt player, going for broke.  It makes you choose different teams.

Unlike last year, there are now checks in there for the position and team rules, so you won't be able to choose 7 Colts (it happened last year).  I'm going to trust I've coded it up right, but you should double check before submitting, so that if something does slip through, I don't have to disqualify the entry.

To get more entries, feel free to submit up to 3 different teams.  Be sure to label them as "1", "2", and "3" if you do (mine would be "mgrex03 1", "mgrex03 2", "mgrex03 3").  The first Playoff game starts at 4:30 ET Saturday, so all entries need to be in by then, and no submissions after that will be accepted.  I'll throw up a couple of reminders throughout the week, so that the most people get involved.  I'll update standings after each weekend, complete with how many players everyone has left.  I've also added the link to the picks in the Confirmation, so you'll be able to look at the picks right away, so you know who you picked.  Any other questions, shoot me an email (bottom of page).

Good Luck to Everyone!

Stampede Blue Playoff Fantasy Football Challenge 2009