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2009 SB Nation NFL Regular Season Studs and Duds

SB Nation's football bloggers voted on who was the best and worst in 2009. Yours truly did the write-up, which was posted over at by Chris Mottram.

No surprise to anyone, the best player in the league was awarded the Mega Stud prize:

Regular Season Mega Stud (aka, MVP): Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts

Last year, Peyton Manning shared the award with Jets quarterback Chad Pennington. This year, Manning received a definitive 66.7% of the vote from our bloggers, making him the runaway winner. This percentage is up significantly from the 52.9% he received at the mid-point of the season, where he beat out Saints quarterback Drew Brees by only one vote! But after quarterbacking the Colts to a 14-0 start before his head coach shut him down in the third quarter of their Week 16 match-up against the Jets (in a move that fans reacted to quite vocally), Peyton Manning destroyed his competition to win his second straight Mega Stud award.

Read the rest of the story to see comments from bloggers on Manning as well as the rest of the winners and losers for the 2009 Studs and Duds.

And yes, I was the one guy who voted for Austin Collie as Rookie of the Year. I think he's better than Brian Cushing. There, I said it.