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BCS National Championship Game-Open Thread

College Football wraps up it's season with 2 of the 3 remaining unbeatens squaring off. #1 Alabama vs #2 Texas. Even if you aren't a college football fan or feel the lack of a playoff system means this isn't a legitimate title game, there are a number of high draft prospects to get a peek at. Texas features possible 1st rounders QB Colt McCoy and DE/OLB Sergio Kindle. Mid round prospects WR/KR Jordan Shipley, OLB Rodderick Muckelroy and DT Lamarr Houston. 

On the Alabama side MLB Ronaldo McClain is a top 15 prospect, Massive DT Terrence Cody is a possible 1st rounder if he shows up to the combine in something vaguely resembling decent shape, CBs Jarvier Arenas and Kareem Jackson are likely to go in the top 3 rounds, along with OG/OT Mike Johnson.

If the draft doesn't interest you either there's always Musburger BINGO (tip to mgrex03)