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Jim Mora's son given the axe in Seattle

Since the NFL playoffs start tomorrow, it is only fitting that we mention the great Jim Mora Sr., whose "PLAYOFFS!" sound bite may go down as the greatest phrase ever uttered in the press conference by an NFL head coach. Knowing this, it is with a small sense of irony that we report (via Jay Glazer at Fox Sports) that Jim Mora Sr.'s son, Jim Mora Jr., has just been fired by the Seattle Seahawks after only one season as their head coach.

Like his father, it seems Mora Jr.'s days as a head coach in the NFL are over. This is the second head coaching job he has been fired from. He was hand picked by Mike Holgrem and the Seahawks brass to succeed Holmgren after the 2008 season. Just like Tony Dungy's hand picked successor with the Colts (Jim Caldwell), Mora took the coaching reigns in 2009. However, unlike Caldwell (who set an NFL record by winning his first 14 games as a rookie head coach), Mora Jr.'s Seahawks won only five games.

In another twist of irony, one of the candidates named as a successor to Mora Jr. in Seattle is former Dungy assistant Leslie Frazier, who is now the defensive coordinator and assistant head coach for the Vikings. As you all know, it was Dungy who succeed Mora Sr. in Indy after a disappointing six win season in 2001.

With that, we bring it full circle back to former-Colts head coach Jim Mora Sr. Take it away Jim (and yes, we still love ya in Indy, Jim):